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Full Version: Update On Our Little Spaniel Girl
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This is the little stray with the prolapse who we picked up as a stray Sunday night. Our vets have operated this afternoon and removed a tumour as big as a football, surgery took over 4 hours and was difficult to say the least. There is no guarantee at this stage that she will recover but they wanted to give her every chance.
Obviously this is going to be very expensive, and I had been worrying how to pay for it as the well is a bit dry at present. However, Chris the head vet, without any mention of the bill, has donated the time that he and his staff worked on her. What a lovely kind thing to do, he said they have all grown fond of her in the time she has been in, there is a good chance if she pulls through she will be going to live with another of the vets from the practice.
So please send this little one get well vibes and a round of applause to Brookfield Veterinary Centre Hereford for the fantastic work they do
crying.gif crying.gif yay.gif angel.gif
as i don't know what to say smile.gif
hug.gif Lots of healing 'get better' thoughts for little girl, realy hope she recovers and goes to live with vet smile.gif
How lovely of them to do that smile.gif it makes you realise there are some real angels around hug.gif (other than you rescuers I mean rolleyes.gif )
(You especially at the mo. for taking that gorgeous little scruff in her hour of need hug.gif )
That is lovely. What kind vets and well done you. smile.gif
Get well wishes and heartfelt applause to Brookfield Vets for reminding us that whilst some evil human left this poor girl in horrific danger and distress, the world also has people in it (and that includes you too Roxysmum) who are prepared to go the extra mile to do good for no reason other than that is what is needed at the time.

Prayers she recovers and finds a new and loving home.
Oh Carol, what a LOVELY thing for them to do smile.gif
Sending her stacks of goodwishes from St Albans. wub.gif
hope this doggy pulls through and get a second chance hug.gif
Come on little one, you are a fighter, there is so much for you to look forward too. hug.gif Many many thanks to such kind and caring people at the vets.

Sammi P
Thats produce me a tear or two, how very kind of them wub.gif

Sending lots of get well wishes for the special young lady, theres an exciting new life waiting for you sweetheart wub.gif
Best wishes for the little one, what a lucky girl. Fantastic vets, they really deserve a hugh pat on the back

That's fantastic. Hope she starts to improve. Healing thoughts to her hug.gif hug.gif
aileen ainsworth
QUOTE(bonzocat @ 21st Aug 2008, 6:40 pm) *

That's fantastic. Hope she starts to improve. Healing thoughts to her hug.gif hug.gif

metoo.gif ---Aileen

Get well thoughts being sent; and a big cheer for the vets!
Come on wee one, sounds like they have a good home lined up. wink.gif

WTG Borookfield Vets. angel.gif
What brilliant vets you have, well done to them and hope she makes a good recovery smile.gif
brilliant news, what great vets smile.gif Fingers crossed for her
Good luck little one smile.gif nice to hear about a vet whos not just in it for the money xxxx
I Love MY Cookie
Hoping the little one wub.gif wub.gif makes a speedy recovery. Well done vets smile.gif


the girls mum
I really wish her strength to pull through this angel.gif what a wonderfull vet! angel.gif
Hope you feel better very soon wee one and go on to live a long and happy life wub.gif well done to the vets.

Stay strong and get better quickly baby girl wub.gif

What fantastic vets!

you have a fantastic life ahead of you, get well little one. smile.gif

what great vets you have
QUOTE(roxysmum @ 21st Aug 2008, 6:03 pm) *

So please send this little one get well vibes and a round of applause to Brookfield Veterinary Centre Hereford for the fantastic work they do

crying.gif wub.gif yay.gif This has really brought a lump to my throat on more than one count wub.gif Well done all, and get well littl'un wub.gif
Aww, hope little girlie is all right. What brilliant vets, she must have really tugged some heartstrings!
border collie
friends of the animals
Carol I do so hope this little girl makes a full recovery. wub.gif
That's renewed my faith in people. Thank goodness not everyone is motivated by money. I'll be keeping everything crossed for her. smile.gif
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