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Full Version: Paddy Sad And Off His Food
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As most of you know, we lost our youngest Shihtzu Ella last week. Her best friend Paddy has been off his food and lethargic since she had her accident 3 weeks ago . Last night I had to sleep downstairs because he wouldnt settle and was scratching on the bedroom door. (something he has never done) Even though Cassie is still here he looks lost because Ella was his main playmate and they were always play fighting and biting each others ears. Cassie is very laid back and doesnt really bother although even she has been trying to get him to play by teasing him with his ball, but he doesnt want to know. He is eating very little and wont eat at all unless I hand feed him. He even stays at my side when we are on our morning walks and I let him off lead. He wouldnt even eat a biscuit (something he loves) last night. Can anyone offer any advice what I can do to cheer him up or should I pay a visit to the vets.
hug.gif for wee paddy.
I do think every dog handles it differently, some bounce back where others are justifiably in my opinion, grieving. My reason ing for getting a third was my fear of this.....I had it happen before and know my younger dog would be lost.
I think sometimes we underestimate how much of a bond they can have with each other.

Do you have any extra-special to Paddy walking buddies who you could meet up with? Do you have special walks, maybe a bit further away that are normally a treat, that you could take him ( sorry them both) to to bring out his happier side again?
Are there any toys that have really excited him in the you have a personal teddy that he isn't normally allowed that you could let him have, with mine the excitement of that would be a good temporary distraction.

It will get better, he will need time to adjust, like us wub.gif hug.gif
When i lost my Boxer George his best friend Bertie was really sad and withdrawn, George was always the top dog and Bertie was very scared even in the park which he knew very well, he would walk around looking around as though something bad was going to happen, he's fine now but it did take a bit of hang in there im sure everything will work out for poor Paddy. hug.gif
So sorry to hear this, I had missed your post.

Could you try some Rescue Remedy to lighten him a bit, and I would tuck an appropriate crystal under his bed too.
I've just bought a book about using Bach remedies with animals. It recommends Star of Bethlehem for unhappiness and loss. You can get Bach remedies in Boots.

Hope he's better soon.
sad.gif Poor Paddy, just wanted to send him some hugs. hug.gif
Or try homeopathic Ignatia, or Nat Mur - both are indicated for grief.
My setter is suffering too at the moment, we lost our eldest cocker 8 weeks ago. I've put her on Nat Mur (at the advice of our homeopathic vet) and she is getting a bit better. The other dogs seem fine, but they were closest to each other. sad.gif
I had sister labradors and when one died of cancer aged ten and a half the other one seemed quite sad for a couple of months and then from having had a normal xray of her heart in the September (as part of a check up post anaesthetic for removal of a cyst) developed an enlarged heart over the following month or two and despite the vet starting to treat her with Vetmedin and really believing she could have another two or three years she just went downhill and died in October. I believe she died because she had lost her sister.
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