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Full Version: Bum Bag Recommendations......
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My bum bag is getting to the point where its seen better days and I need a new one lol.gif

I was thinking about looking at specially 'dogggy' designed ones that I can take to training as well and wondered if anyone had any recommendations rolleyes.gif

Basically I need room for poo bags, a supply of treats and mobile phone and I also squeeze a pet corrector into my current ones in case we meet any unfriendly dogs (not had to use it yet thank goodness). I also don't want one that has a holster for a water bottle particularly rolleyes.gif
As I tend to lose things err.gif ...I got a couple from Poundland and they're pretty sturdy, I can carry three balls, lots of treats , my mobile and keys and poo bags........
worth a look even as a spare.....
P@H do a good one & it also has a water bottle
I was looking at Jacket in a Bag
I stay away from the doggy ones as ive had 4 break in a year. I now have a Jeep one, 5.99 from my local bag shop and still going strong despite loads of rude dogs jumping up smile.gif
I'm looking for a bumbag too and found this site:
I haven't chosen one yet, I'd like something big enough to hold a long line - maybe I need a rucksack?
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