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Carol (Roxysmum) sent me a message asking if I could help out with an emergency this morning.

Bruno was being returned by his fosterer at very short notice and he is a dog that really doesn't do well in kennels so he needed a foster home.A few 'phone calls later and I was on my way to fetch him.

He is only a youngster of 15 months but his history is very sad,including abuse,neglect and starvation sad.gif .He is still underweight with his ribs and spine visible,poor lad

He is not surprisingly very anxious about being left but despite his previous treatment he seems very friendly with everyone he meets - except cyclists which he hates rolleyes.gif He is very bright and does a beautiful lie down and give paw wub.gif

He seems to like to play with other dogs,but it does appear that he does not like cats at all,so sadly he may not be able to stay here until he finds his forever home although if I can work something out about this I will as he has already been moved around a lot.

Here he is:-

sars x
I love him wub.gif There's one very special dog there, waiting to overcome that nervousness.. and he will wub.gif

He reminds me of Ruby, a sprollie foster that came to stay angel.gif .. and is now living so happily with a lovely family. I've phoned them and pointed them in this thread's direction wink.gif
He's rather gorgeous - and he looks like he'll make someone a cracking wee dog wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Bruno is a cracking dog, his main problem is that someone couldn't be bothered to teach him any manners or show him that everyday things are nothing to be scared of. If you let him jump up once, he thinks thats ok to do, if you teach him from the start to sit for love then he will everytime (as he does with me).

This lad breaks my heart like no other. He's so eager to please yet has no idea how to. He wants to love & be loved, but has no trust for humans. He needs someone who will love him as he is & who will be patient enough to understand his fears & teach him over time that humans are ok. He covers his fear with bolshyness but inside he's as scared as a dog who cowers.

The reward for the special person who takes Bruno into their family will be the most loyal loving dog they could ever wish for.
Awwwww no not a collie !!!

he is just stunning - am just a little bit in love wub.gif

you will be on my little mind Bruno unsure.gif
what a gorgeous boy wub.gif
Oh my wub.gif
I'm in Wolverhampton and off work til the first of September if that would help out. I have two collies here and room for a little one.
QUOTE(mobreeobi @ 20th Aug 2008, 11:14 pm) *

I'm in Wolverhampton and off work til the first of September if that would help out. I have two collies here and room for a little one.

Sadly Bruno's interest in my cats has reached the level where I don't think it's safe for him to stay.So we would be very grateful for anyone who can step in to help with fostering so that he does not have to go back to kennels,as he really does not do well when he's there sad.gif

Here he is this morning looking mighty handsome after being a really good boy in his crate overnight wub.gif


wub.gif Very handsome Jayne, and not too big either wink.gif
Sorry I have cats but wub.gif
He is lovely
Hope he finds his forever home soon
This afternoon I took Bruno over to mobreeobi to meet her and her two lovely collies wub.gif

Well,apart from a few growls it seemed to go OK so I left him there with his new cat free foster family.

I have asked Rebecca to keep the thread updated,so hopefully there will be more photos to drool over lol.gif

Can I send my thanks to Rebecca and her OH, and send 'be a good boy' thoughts to their new house guest.
Well, he's being a good boy so far!! Obi still isn't entirely sure, but we're working on it.

Bruno's had a nice long walk, he's extremely friendly to other dogs, particularly friendly in a jumpy up with muddy feet kind of way to people, but was pretty frightened of the canal at first, although gained in confidence after he'd shoved his head through a barge window and the lady inside gave him a fuss! After that he was a lot braver!

He's an absolutely gorgeous, loving boy, wanting fuss and cuddles all the time. He needs some work on his recall, he seems a bit frightened of coming when called in the park, although not frightened of me, but we'll work on it.

He's just waiting for his dinner now!

Thanks Rebecca flowers.gif
Bruno has eaten a HUGE dinner! He's had a little cuddle on the settee and is now asleep in the big dog bed.
Yes, Thanks from all of us Rebecca flowers.gif
You're very welcome. He's a heartbreaking little (?!) boy - I can fit my two hands around his teeny waist, he's so horribly thin, and his head looks far too big for his skinny body. He's a real cuddly boy, although is slightly wary still. If either of us leaves the room, he follows us until we come back again. He's most particularly helpful when accompanying us to the toilet! He's just had another cuddle on the settee and has returned to the comfy dog bed again now, having left me a stinky fart behind.

He's obviously well used to being loved - he's used to going up and downstairs, sleeping on the settee etc.

I have a friend who's looking for another collie who's hopefully going to visit him over the weekend. His remaining collie is blind, so needs a special friend.
flowers.gif Really can't thank you enough Rebecca for helping out with Bruno.

Give him a very special hug from me please wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
QUOTE(mobreeobi @ 21st Aug 2008, 9:42 pm) *

I have a friend who's looking for another collie who's hopefully going to visit him over the weekend. His remaining collie is blind, so needs a special friend.

We'll all keep our fingers crossed. wink.gif It would be lovely to see him blossom in a collie-loving home.
Well, Bruno had a good night, woke me up at five to go out, and apart from a restless hour, was as good as gold.

He's had a two and a half hour walk this morning, during which I let him off the lead to see how he was and he remained off lead for the whole time. He has met other dogs, people, cyclists, joggers, and has been impeccably behaved. His recall is good now to me and he stays close.

He gets excited around other dogs and has been told off a few times, once by Obi, but has taken his lessons in good humour and is a bit more respectful now. I've met two of my collie owning friends, both of whom fell in love with him and were tempted if the circumstances were right.

This boy is such a loving, beautiful chap. He learns quickly and is so willing to please.

He's worn himself out now and has comandeered the comfy bed again.

Unfortunately, Obi has taken quite a dislike to Bruno, even though they were better this morning. I'm hoping he finds a home very soon!
Nina K
QUOTE(mobreeobi @ 21st Aug 2008, 9:42 pm) *

He's most particularly helpful when accompanying us to the toilet!

left me a stinky fart behind.

Sorry but . . . . lol.gif lol.gif lol.gif
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