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Full Version: Anyone With An Irish Greyhound
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bessie's family
anyone happen to have a dog with the race name Deacon Deano

sex male
date of birth 24 SEP 2000
land of birth IE Ireland
ear mark XS-BKT

its just its our dogs full brother the only litter mate that is on the data base, just really interested in what he is like

No match here sorry err.gif

My irish girl has 3 littermates on the database but over the past 5 years I've not found a trace of any of them. Sadly have just presumed them dead now err.gif

Do you have a log in for the greyhound database site? You could add a note to your girl's page saying that you want to be contacted with news of Deacon Deano. You never know... someone might see it. That happened to us once. My other greyhound had a half brother whose owner contacted us via the database because we had put a note there asking people to get in touch. They have met up for several walks now (and look so alike)
bessie's family
i have got log in details on the site might try it that way

i do think the worst though considering what bess was rescued from and they were owned by the same people
Lydia (Drumsna Storm)has several ancestors in common:
http://www.Please check with mod
If you follow this link, there is a picture of her - she is a brindle.
I've not found any littermates of either of my greyhounds.

On the data site, I got a link to Petra's sister and she had been adopted - there was an email address for the new owner, but I didn't get a reply when I emailed. It would have been really interesting to know if she was like Petra!
bessie's family
Lydia is also related to our bess

when i go on his page there is only the name of the owner which is the same person as our bess (shrewd lizzie)
I'm always on the lookout for close relatives of our two and I know that one of Barley's littermates is living in a home but I don't know how to contact them.

Barley's racing name was Nicholas Choice and Ellie's was Egans Lady
bessie's family
Barley and Bess have Daleys Gold in common so distant there and ellie cant see anything

just interested what close relatives are like

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