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Full Version: Flyball On Tv
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The British Flyball Championships took place last weekend and the BBC were there filming it for the One Show. They did try and film a tournament earlier in the year and Carol Thatcher ran a dog but the weather was so bad they had problems with the sound, so I am not sure if they will combine the footage from both.

This weekend they concentrated on Division 1 which had some very exciting racing, they focused on the Live Wires team who were last years winners and High Flyers who are currently the fastest team in the country. They had the added bonus that Kate and Gin (from Britains got Talent fame) are members of Live Wires and were racing.

When they were getting background footage they filmed our team racing so maybe my Bertie (from Lizzies Barn) will appear.

It should be coming out on Monday 25 August.
KB Merlin's Mum

We watched the one team (probably was the Live Wires) doing their walk to the camera, and were dead impressed that no one fell over.

Did they actually do any filming of the racing?

Katy (of Bassetts Allsorts club)

Edited due to significant lapse in brain ability. I've only had two cups of coffee today!
Yep the camera person was filming the racing I saw (not that I saw much as I was busy in our photography tent), and the judge kept asking the teams if they were happy where she was standing. She also did quite a few crowd shots smile.gif
KB Merlin's Mum
Hope I was standing near the back in any of those crowds. I don't do photos!

They also filmed our team when they were getting background footage so I can't wait to see if any of it gets used smile.gif Thankfully they were concentrating on filming our changeovers so hopefully they didn't get any shots of me lol.gif
This is now going to be on the One Show on Thursday 28 August smile.gif
I hope that Bertie does make it onto the tele as he rocks!

They did a lot of filming during div 1 so I hope a lot of it makes it to the show as it was really exciting.
Look out for the bright yellow team racing in div one! Thats us!
The One Show has changed its mind again and this will now be on at 7.30 tonight smile.gif
I Love MY Cookie
It's on now smile.gif


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