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Pet Buddies
My 13 year old springer has just developed travel sickness. She has been sick on her last 3 trips out, each time within 5 minutes of being in the vehicles. First time she was in our van, and it is a bit of a bumpy ride, the next time in my estate car with the whole of the pack and again today by herself on the way to the vets. (Each journey several weeks apart.) She is a very calm traveller and just lays down the whole journey and until now she has never been sick once even on long journeys.

I mentioned it to the vet today at her ECG check and he did suggest a drug called Cerenia but it costs a fortune and seems a bit ridiculous for a 15 minute trip in the car although I would consider it for lnoger journeys. As she has a bad heart, he told me to avoid any travel tablets with sedatives in them.

Just wondered if anyone could suggest a cheaper alternative?
I did hear ginger can help but not sure in what form to buy it or in what dose (14kg dog) err.gif ?
maltese dog
we used johnsons travel sick pills and rescue remedies- our vet suggested. Also try doing short journeys of 5 mins using this,as if she is sick it will put the progress back to the start as it is a bad experience. It worked and she is still shakey but no sick and she goes from surrey to devon and back.
Ginger biscuits are good or we use Serene-um for Salem, its all natural, the only problem is you have to give it for 3 days before the journey
Pet Buddies
Three days planning before a short drive to the vets or similar does seem a bit extreme but I might give the ginger biscuit a go !!

I could try giving rescue remedy a go as I have some in the dog drug cupboard, but I think it is the motion that is cauing her to be sick rather than being anxious.

Anyone else???
maltese dog
if you use johnsons as well it stops the motion sickness and then use r r to rule out pos anixety- they have to be used together to stop it completely
We have a very dodgy (travel wise) bichon. We tried the Johnsons Travel Sickness pills. You are meant to give them 30 - 45 minutes before you want to travel. We duly gave Oscar a pill and he sicked it up before we even got in the car.

We spoke to our vet about this and he said that Johnsons do not work for a lot of dogs, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach to start with. He, instead, gave us some prescription travel tablets. We only give him them for long journeys because they knock him out completely. But they do meant that he can travel for up to 6 hours (we like to holiday in Scotland) with no problems whatsoever. I would suggest that, if the Johnsons pills do not work, that you speak to your vet.

They may have other options.
You will think I am silly but try to insulate her area in the car with a fair layer of newspapers and it will be ok to cover them with a blanket or towel. try it wink.gif
Pet Buddies
QUOTE(romi @ 16th Aug 2008, 11:16 pm) *

You will think I am silly but try to insulate her area in the car with a fair layer of newspapers and it will be ok to cover them with a blanket or towel. try it wink.gif

I'm intrigued!!!!

If nothing else, i guess at least I would have the newspaper in the car to clear all the sick up lol.gif
Lola has car sickness - not good when she goes in the car twice a day, 4 days a week to her "doggy daycare" (with my Dad!). Johnsons Travel Sickness pills work for her but having to give her 4 pills is a bit tiresome as I don't think they taste that great! I've tried the short journey nice walk thing (she normally gets a walk after each 15 min journey now anyway!) but it didn't work for her. But.....last week I discovered DAP spray and its been really good so far - she doesn't drool so much and also it seems to make her sleep for a while in the car so she forgets about being sick! So might be worth trying - you need to spray it in the car 15 mins before the journey. It was around 16 for a bottle online but it does last as you don't need as many sprays as they state as its a small space. smile.gif
i have tried ginger biscuits and ginger for my papillons but i was told by a lady who shows papillons to try travelease..they have a jet plane a car and and a boat i think on the packet..
i managed to take my pap to wales without a problem, not sleepy awake alewrt just calmer and no sickness..

edited to add ; i put a little butter on my finger for tablets and put the pill on the top...the dogs lick the butter off and take the tab at the same time with no problems...
so have a go

QUOTE(Pet Buddies @ 17th Aug 2008, 10:10 am) *

I'm intrigued!!!!

If nothing else, i guess at least I would have the newspaper in the car to clear all the sick up lol.gif

The theory is to do with breaking the transmission of static electricity, or that may be bunkum.
It works for kids, so maybe worth a go. smile.gif

Lab Lady
I got some "Travel Treats for Dogs & Puppies" from Pets at Home for my 3 year old lab, Tommy, who has never really liked traveling in the car.

I gave him a few 30 mins before we left for our Norfolk holiday plus some more just as we left and for the two hour journey he never complained once.

They are in a bright pink packet and contain chamomile and ginger and peppermint extract - they are not expensive and for day to day travel must be worth a try !
Pet Buddies
Went for a trip in the car today and no sick!!!

She had a ginger biscuit 20 minutes before the journey, and I put some newspaper in her bed. I made sure the windos were open so she got plenty of fresh air and made her lay down facing the front.

Not sure which part of the advice worked but the combination meant that there was no sick yay.gif
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