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Full Version: Dog Collar Ideas
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Biffa (terriery type mut) has managed to get through 6 collars since we have had her and thats not counting puppy collars (she will be a year old soon). We have tried leather ones and fabric ones in a veriety of styles, she did have a nice fabric half choke (so that it was loose for her and easy for me to grab) but she recently has managed to break that one. I dont want to do any type of chain collar but OH is getting annoyed with me always having to have a spare in incase she breaks her current one. She doesnt pull on lead much either but they always just seem to break which is weird but he has never broken one. They (i make sure they both have the same type so people know they are both ours) currently have leather ones from a clearance range at P@H but they are a bit thin for my liking but will have to do temporarily.

Any ideas people?

How is she breaking them? Is she (or someone else) chewing them whilst they are on?

Proper hand sewn leather ones (which cost a fair bit) are probably the strongest but if she or someone else is chewing them off then chain is really the only thing, or not having a collar on when shes unsupervised.

Actually if its someone (or herself) chewing them whilst shes wearing them then its safest not to have her wear one when unsupervised - teeth and lower jaws can get stuck in collars and it has in the past resulted in dogs fracturing their jaws, breaking teeth and even suffocating!
i get my collars from aecollars, they make them to measure for you and my pair have had theirs 3 years, one is a staff and one is staffx and both pull like a train on occassion rolleyes.gif they make mainly leather and brass collars but they do make thinner collars too i believe smile.gif
If it's just a "pull like a train" thing, I had one of these made for my Staffy, and they are really strong and well made. She also does one-offs to order.
poundland do some nylon ones with plastic clips, they are quite substantial and at a quid, easily replacable.

Joseph (staff pup) had one for a while, till our neighbour bought him a new one and we switched, but we keep the old one as a spare.

edited to add. this is the neighbour that has complained about the noise the dogs make - not their barking, but the jingling of the discs on their collars at night .LOL
She says it cuts through the wall, yet she says she never hears them bark!!
Our 30kg GSD, Fizz snapped 2 collars when we first had her (she was then 2.5y). We then ordered a 'Black Navajo Webbing Half-Check' collar from TRPD Pet Craft Project (google it, because I can't get the link to work), and she has had it for 4 years, despite even swimming and mudrolling in it frequently. It is hard to get a pic of it cos of her furry neck, so this is as good as it gets:


And purchasing through TRPD benefits rescue dogs too winks.gif ok.gif
Also try - they come with a chewproof guarantee
Ideally we would like to get another hardwaring fabric half choke (dont like the noise feel or marks left by chain) one as the last one worked out well, i dont thnink it is her chewing them (or him as she broke them even before he arrived), i think its the combination of sometimes getting too exited and pulling, rolling in stuff, jumping in water and gernally being nosy and bouncy (she is the kind of dog who will run full pelt into a bramble bush to retrieve her ball).

TRPD stuff is excellent quality.

If you go for leather, go for hand SEWN - the link you gave shows a riveted collar and thats no where near as strong as hand stitched is (youd think it would be the other way round but its not).
We get ours handmade from here, used on huskies so very strong. smile.gif;cat=collars
Claireand Daisy
the link for the TRPD is here

QUOTE(AngieK9 @ 17th Aug 2008, 8:47 am) *

We get ours handmade from here, used on huskies so very strong. smile.gif;cat=collars

They have some nice collars flowers.gif but I wouldn't buy from a company that put this on their website:

This type of collar is used extensively by Dog Trainers. The noise of the chain being pulled is used to correct dog behaviour.

I think this sort of phrasing encourages people to use half-checks as choke collars err.gif
Link to . never works from here try and then follow the links flowers.gif

Louie had a TRPD collar and its great and washable when he rolls in smelly stuff rolleyes.gif
We have beaded collars that I ordered from the States on recommendation from Vera.

They are fantastic - and holding up well so far with my lot. They do go in the washing machine but can just be rinsed under the tap most of the time.

If you want the link site the pm me.
Just to add that having her collar loose is actually more dangerous than snug - especially if she likes to run into undergrowth. It is more prone to getting snagged (and I would think, therefore broken). Better to have a well fitted one - I don't mind half-checks too much myself but I would only put one on a dog for a walk.
I have found the ones that change size easier in the past as it makes it easier to grab thier collars for any reason,as coordination isnt my strong point.

But on your advice we have found some collars (with matching leads) at a stand at our local RSPCA centre, which are 1 inch wide (i prefer a wider collar as i worry about hurting them if they pull) and have a heavy duty clip (so much easier to remove to wash when dog has rolled in something), the ring and clip for the lead are also huge too (not small and fiddly like thier old ones) and apparenlty a lifetime guarentee! all for 4 per set! smile.gif
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