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Just read this..... so very very sad sad.gif
Run free Honey crying.gif
hug.gif to all of you that helped her, and are missing her now
Oh Jo, I am so very sorry hug.gif hug.gif

And for eveyone else who cared and gave her that chance hug.gif

Honey will be bouncing around at the bridge leaving all her pain behind her wub.gif angel.gif

My heart is braking for all of you.

So very sorry to all that did their best for Honey sad.gif hug.gif hug.gif

Sweet dreams, Honey angel.gif Free to play with no demons to haunt you wub.gif wub.gif
Oh no, I've just caught up with this crying.gif

hug.gif to every single one of you that tried to help Honey.

RIP sweet girl

I hope those that are responsible for your behaviour rot in hell
Philip Turner
Just caught up with this thread.

Is it OK for a grown man to crying.gif ? Cos I am weeping buckets at the mo.

Big hug.gif to everyone involved in giving Honey a chance.

Run free at the Bridge Honey. angel.gif

I can only echo what has already been said hug.gif .

To all that helped Honey in whatever way - you are all very special people angel.gif

She is now in a safer free sweetheart hug.gif
QUOTE(Jo@thewilderness @ 18th Aug 2008, 9:17 pm) *

I've been to see Kestla and her beautiful girls today with my little gang and we talked about Honey.

She too has had a dog that has been so abused that she felt the demons she was facing were too much. Honey was that dog for me. When I asked my Dad to come out and see her on Thursday he asked me if this was such a damaged dog that I didn't think it could be fixed. I replied, I didn;t think she would ever be able to cope in a home environment as that is where all the abuse had happened. I'd have been able to contain her, but would Honey have wanted that - no walks, no fun, no love?

I'm so sad about Honey - she was a beautiful girl who was just too damaged - but I really do feel that she is in a better place.

Cody has done much more than I ever could for this girl - she wanted to give her one more chance when others said give up. And she found a way despite the odds.

My bites are healing but my heart takes longer.

Rest easy Honey - I'll always remember you wub.gif


It was my pleasure for you and your BEAUTIFUL dogs to visit on Monday, what a lovely suprise phone call, it made my day. It was just so LOVELY to see you again and to finaly meet Charles, Holly and Meg, they are a credit to you.
It was lovely to see that all our dogs got along so well too.

I hope it helped you to talk through Honey, I know how sad this has made you, how it will take time for your heart to heal and Honey will always have a place in your heart.
It hurts because you care, because of who YOU ARE, don`t ever loose that its what makes you VERY SPECIAL.

Eva and Holly enjoyed seeing you and send licks to you and the gang.

Take care.


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