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Full Version: Bad Night With Sharni :(
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Oh good heavens, what a night sad.gif !

Sharni had a bit of an off day yesterday - whining on & off, taking ages to settle, just generally not herself. After her walk she seemed to settle down and at 10 pm was fast asleep on the settee wub.gif then came bedtime mad.gif sad.gif

Try as we might, she refused to go upstairs to bed. We coaxed, we pleaded - nothing. We carried her upstairs but she wouldn't settle, just paced the bedroom backwards & forwards constantly. We took her back downstairs, let her out (Again!), Giz the cat was out there......... yikes.gif He ran up the garden........ yikes.gif yikes.gif ! She ignored him dunno.gif

She still wouldn't come upstairs. We brought her bed down, tried ignoring her but she whined, whinged and made so much noise we had to do something because of our neighbours. Eventually my daughter (on half-term) said she would sleep downstairs with her (OH & I have to be early up on Thursdays) and we crawled out of bed this morning to both of them sound asleep on the settee rolleyes.gif .

Sharni has eaten, had a wee and is once again asleep on the settee this morning - looking like butter wouldn't melt!

What on earth happened???????? If she is not 100% today, I will whisk her off to the vets later for a checkup but I just don't know where it came from and if it happens again, what do I do?! (She's been done by the way!)
Update on Sharni - this thread may need to be moved now.....

This morning when I left for work she was fast asleep. Just had a phone call from my daughter to say that for much of the morning she has been intermittently sleeping/whining and won't settle. She's been to the loo (both ends!) and all appears normal, but something obviously isn't right.

Have just rung the vet and they are seeing us this afternoon - fingers crossed unsure.gif
Hope there's nothing wrong with poor Sharni that a good days' kip doesn't sort out smile.gif
Princess C
Fingers crossed that the vet can sort her out this afternoon smile.gif At least if she is pooing normally it shouldn't be bloat err.gif
ailsas mum
Keeping everything crossed for Sharni hug.gif .

Quick update -

Back from the vets - nothing definite found but they thought that her gums looked a bit pale. They've taken some bloods (results tomorrow) and have given her a long-acting pain killer injection to tide her over.

Now we're home and she's really unsettled - pacing constantly, whining, wanting constant attention (not a problem wub.gif ) and just looking uncomfortable. She's been to the loo and thats OK although she's going more frequently than normal......I just don't know what to do for her err.gif sad.gif

I can't help but feel we are in for another long night....anyone any suggestions?
Oh dear. No suggestions, but hope she feels better soon.
Unfortunately Sharni has become more poorly and has now been admitted so I've started a new thread on Behaviour - mods if you want to close this one, please do.

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