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Stiff chews everything, i mean whatever he can get his mouth round, and the walls which he cant rolleyes.gif

today he has chewed a wall, the coffee table, a shoe, some power rangers ( ohmy.gif )
and the rug, its barely lunch time!

its not SA, he does it when im here, must have stopped teething by now. Habit perhaps? a huge destructive streak, definately lol.gif

he has chew toys, frozen kongs, you name it ive tried it.

now he's broken the back door chewing it, doesnt shut properly. Have to draw a line somehwhere.

when i catch him, i tend to 'OIII' at him, then he leaves it until i turn away/walk off

is there a spary to stop the chewing? any tips?

thanks from the house of chew marks lol.gif
Claireand Daisy
Could you tell us how old your dog is please, and how much exercise he gets? And does the chewing happen most when you`re there or when he`s alone? And do you train him in the home?
QUOTE(Claireand Daisy @ 13th Apr 2008, 4:04 pm) *

Could you tell us how old your dog is please, and how much exercise he gets? And does the chewing happen most when you`re there or when he`s alone? And do you train him in the home?

He's nearly 11 months, boxer x
he has two 10-15 minute on lead and 1 1 1/2 hour off lead on a weekday, 2 1/2 hour trek on weekends through fields and woods (just got in actually smile.gif bloomin muddy today, stiff has been through so many puddles! and rolled in wild onion thingy's mad.gif he stinks)

he seems to chew constantly, unless playing/eating or sleeping. Im not sure how much he chews while im out, its hit a point where i barely notice new 'chewed sites' rolleyes.gif

i'd say more when im here tho. im sure id notice chewing with noone to intervine
Claireand Daisy
I`m sure people with more experience of young dogs will have advice. I`d suggest first ruling out tooth problems, then seeing if he can be encouraged to chew his own stuff, not yours by providing a chew toy? He`s very much a youngster still - is he hyper or stressed at all - this can be made worse by certain foods.
hmmm yes i do find him hyper and very excitable, but usually around other dogs (poor things)i blame most of that on the boxer gene's lol.gif

he's on a new food i found called alfie (?)
for firm poops, no colours or anything like that, he was on puppy kibble

may i add after a couple of weeks of bakers i was wondering if dogs got ADHD!

he has lots of toys for chewing, just prefers bigger items i think rolleyes.gif
Different breeds obviously, but I've found with Staffs that they like a 'challenge' to chew instead of rubbish things like rubber toys (How boring!).

By far the best thing I've found are hooves. You can get these almost anywhere so if you dont mind the smell, then they may work wonders for you, as they are quite tough, have a flling of some sort and take a good amount of work to get at. Also pigs ears are great, though not as long lastng as hooves.

One of mine didnt touch a rubber chew toy until over a year old, they seems to be better for the muscle in the jaw. When it comes to working the teeth and occupying the mind, it's the previously mentioned.

And as always, timing is all important. If the dog is chewing something it shouldnt be and you give it a toy to chew instead, you reward bad behaviour. Distract it for a little while first then get it on to the new chew item.
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