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Full Version: Obedience Classes,north Hampshire/surrey Border?
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Does anybody out there know of any 'good' training classes in the Aldershot area ?
I rescued a 17 month Golden Retriever a couple of months ago, but unfortunately he hasn't had a lot of training, ( especially his recall !!). He is improving, slowly, but I feel he will benefit greatly with going to obedience classes.. smile.gif
maltese dog
I believe if you go to the kennel club website and look for their good cititzen scheme and give them a call there is 1 in frimley/fleet, my friend helps runs puppy and she is really nice. Also Pat Salt DID (im not sure if shes stil does as she was ill for a while) do a class at Ash vale church hall.
I went to an excellent clicker training class at Ash Vale Community Centre, although it was for puppies. There are lots of adverts in the Ash Vale Vet Surgery, which is where I got the details of the class I went to. I'm sure there is one for adolescent dogs, probably the one Maltese Dog mentioned. I'll try and get the details tomorrow and post them, if you don't get there before then.
Yes, ask at the vets. The lady who owns it is also my vet (in Farncombe) and a great dog lady.

I can recommend the collar and lead club in Farnborough (google it for number). Lots of positive training and clicker stuff smile.gif
Many thanks for your replies
All information taken on board !!
Thankyou once again.
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