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Full Version: Huntaways, Any Experience?
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I'd like to find out some more about their temperament, activity levels, etc; also, do they really bark as much as their website says?
IF suitable, it would join a gang of 7 adult Lab bitches and 2 adult Rott bitches; do you think it would cope?
the farmer where I keep my 2 ponies has 2 Huntaways. They have super temperaments, they only seem to bark when they are working the sheep. They are very, very busy dogs. They seem to learn very quickly. But I must admit Russell is very gentle with all his animals and this could be why these are two lovely happy dogs. I think it depends on how much mental stimulation they are going to get and exercise. Sorry can't be of more help.
I have had foster experiences with Huntaway/staffie crosses and well...... I wish I had kept one!

Lovely natured dogs wub.gif
An old college friend has a huntaway bitch and she's absolutely fab wub.gif

Very well behaved, and very quiet - except when she's on a walk lol.gif
QUOTE(janey1 @ 9th Mar 2008, 11:02 am) *

I have had foster experiences with Huntaway/staffie crosses and well...... I wish I had kept one!

Lovely natured dogs wub.gif

I met up with one of the siblings, of the huntaway cross staffies that Jane fostered, last week

Charlie is a lovely natured boy but does bark does love the sound of his own voice! His mother (who was a huntaway) lived in quite a large pack of dogs very happily. They are active dogs and need to be kept physically and mentally stimulated
I had a collie/huntaway x. He was an absolute star. He was noisy when running agility, though if I ran him silently, he was quiet. He wasn't noisy in the house, though.
Our next door neighbour's dog is a Collie/Huntaway x. She is a lovely friendly dog, very powerful and very fast (it looks like she is just casually cantering, but she leaves my two collies standing). She is a angel.gif when she gets enough excercise (she is "in charge of 100 sheep and approx 40 cattle) and very devil.gif when she feels bored. She was the first dog who got my messed up rescue Collie to interact with her by being incredably patient when Libby tried to boss her around (pure nerves, but it had put all other dogs off) and she sternly put my overpushy puppy in his place when he needed it. She barks when working (after her owners made it clear that biting the sheep was not an option wink.gif she now finally has changed to barking at them), but never when she plays with mine.
my best friend has a huntawayxbc and he's fab, very fast (keeps up with her lurcher) and an absolute gentleman, barks when excited but no more than your average bc!
I posted a beautiful huntaway x which is still looking for a home

Sam is 3 years old and gorgeous, I have met him, he originally came from the pound on the day he was due to be pts, he needs a home where he will have something to do. He was already returned once to the rescue because the lady that adopted him, didn't give him sufficient exercise, he got bored and amused himself trying to jump the fences. Sam is a working breed and needs stimulation and lots of exercise

He deserves a fab home, as has already been let down twice please consider him smile.gif
Gorgeous, fabulous, intelligent dogs and but they need plenty of room and something to channel their energy and intelligence.

We need to rehome our gorgeous Huntaway through no fault of her own - I'll give you the full story if you are interested, but we just haven't the room for her. She's a cuddly, soppy 12-month-old bitch who is well trained and great with other big dogs (she's a little boisterous with small dogs and cats - not agressive in any way, just doesn't know her size!). Hardly ever barks - only to tell us she needs to go out. If you are interested in more details let me know by email and I'll send you pics too ( Thanks.
Have met a few, and when in play or work very noisy and eager. Lovely temperaments though.
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