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> Jealous Dog - Of Other Dogs Friends, or fearful?
post 4th Apr 2017, 12:48 pm
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Bosun seems to get very jealous/ antagonistic when Scout plays with other dogs.

As Scout has been ill for a while and on restricted exercise Bosun has been walking lots on his own, he hated it at first as has always been a very nervous dog. His confidence has improved loads over the past 6 months - he is not dog obsessed and generally well mannered.

He does ignore a lot of dogs esp if squirrels about, loves to play with some others but also can get to be a bit of a bully at times as well if they are not playing as much as he wants to with some dogs - barking in their faces (whilst play bowing) and being a bit too rough and not recognising the dog doesn't want to play in his style. These incidents are not very regular though and he is recalled and put back on his lead. Generally he is trustworthy and gets on well with most dogs, with I would say being nervous more of a thing - he rarely shows aggression.

Anyway, Scout is very ameniable and happy around dogs but being a boxer x staffie he can get very rough and tumble and likes to box,wrestle and barge if he really gets going - so he has a few friends that he plays with OK as they both like the same style, generally bigger dogs (pointer, wiemeraner, labradoodle, bull breeds). They don't always play that rough either... they can just sometimes greet eachother in the style of long lost buddies which will start Bosun off. If they are just walking around normally he is fine.

There are a couple of these friends that bosun gets on fine with on his own and has known for a long time, and scout gets on fine with but if scout is playing and bosun is off lead he will go and have a pop at the other dog, yet if he is on his own he plays with quite happily. Another one bosun is a little wary of when he meets him 1 to 1, will ignore yet as soon as scout greets him Bosun will fly over hackles up and have a little handbags at him. Bosun used to play with him when he was a pup think he a bit too big now.

another big lab came over the other day, bosun said hello, then scout did and then Bosun got the hump with the lab saying hello to Scout.

It maybe jealous or maybe it disturbs him, our last staffie was much better on his own than when out with our bolshy female, he used to worry he had to get involved I think. Maybe it freaks him out a bit for some reason? and he feels needs to be the fun police.

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post 4th Apr 2017, 2:13 pm
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Kiki is the "fun police" too - not just if Casper plays with other dogs but also if other dogs we're walking with are playing with each other. I'd certainly be interested to hear what those more savvy thought about it! Kiki has some nervous/reactive behaviours at times too, so it could well be related to their anxieties around dogs I guess!

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post 6th Apr 2017, 8:17 am
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Some dogs do struggle with seeing others play and need to exert a bit of control to try and stop them. Ren is an absolute sod for it and she's a megabully on top so I have to work hard with her to keep her sensible.

With her, I recall as soon as she heads towards them and reward for coming away, I do not reward if she's reached them already, she goes on lead if she's done anything at all and if she stops herself and comes back or looks and doesn't go at all (which start to happen after doing the first three things), then she gets very well rewarded, played with and/or a few little fun things run through (currently we're working on her rollover). In one particular situation, we work on things from the start - she knows not to run over and doesn't try (trained behaviour is: other dogs start playing chase, she returns to me immediately) but it's upsetting for her and she wants to chase and grab poor Linc and can get quite unpleasant with it (this is her version of play but everyone hates it, but daren't tell her off) so I keep her mind off them with tricks and play.

I've done the same process with a few dogs now as I've got a nack for adopting bullies! It works well but IME it does require maintaining as that play police tendency takes a long time to dissipate altogether, if it ever does. But generally, making not doing it an excellent and rewarding thing to do is the most effective way to counter it.
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post 6th Apr 2017, 5:07 pm
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Cleo is also play police.

She was playing with Alfie at agilty last night but later objected to Alfie playing woth another dog.

She also tries to police Murphy playing with another dog.

But if a dog grumps at Murphy or he tells a dog off for annoying him she immediately gets in between them if off lead or bark at them if she is on lead.
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