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> Should Rare Breeds Be Moved To Breed Rescue?, Interesting subject brought up in another thread
post 9th Apr 2017, 9:15 am
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QUOTE(woofgang @ 7th Apr 2017, 7:37 pm) *

also while I wouldn't deny there are breed characteristics, individuals are not alike...just because one dog of a breed is a certain way, it absolutely doesn't follow that another dog of the same breed will be the same.

very much this.

I have had three dalmatians and they were each very different to each other in temperament and character.
They all did however display the dallie stubborness in varying degrees.

As a first time owner I got a dalmatian. Boy, was that a learning curve. However, she was more like a border collie than a dallie and independent like a cat. Affection was on her terms when it suited her.

I didn't know any better so it was a surprise when my second arrived and was a typical dallie with mischief galore.

But my first lead me down the road of 'dog training' - a completely new idea then- which has become a lifetime interest and hobby.

I would also agree with those who say a dalmatian is not for a first time owner!

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post 9th Apr 2017, 5:08 pm
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QUOTE(EmCHammer @ 9th Apr 2017, 9:35 am) *

As a rescue volunteer for a rescue who used to deal mostly with poundies have come across alot of breed rescues some fab and others not so ok.

The best ones are happy to help out with a range of dogs or be happy the dog has a safe place at a reputable rescue and offer advise or point suitable families in our direction.

Other breed rescues we weren't happy with their rehoming criteria ie leaving neutering up to new owners or placing unassessed dogs straight from pound into foster homes

Others would only want certain dogs and not help with crosses (in breeds that were not that common in rescue so hardly swamped) or want to know if the dog had papers or not help dogs with medical conditions etc

This is a common problem with rescues who take from a pound, some rescues won't have certain breeds, they just want to cherry pick the cute dogs.

We used to get some real grief on facebook now that prob wasn't the rescue themselves but the supporters ie no one else knew how to look after that breed the dog would suffer with us etc and it was very off putting. Even on one breed closed group online people were posting that would pretend to be rescuers to get the dog away from us.. they didn't realise we had rescue friends in the group too.. crazy.

I hadn't had anything to do with Staffies until I fostered Ellie, she was an incredible dog and I can't see me without a Staffie now, they are wonderful dogs.

The most helpful rescues we dealt with tended to be those for the most common breeds in the pound it was the more unusual breeds that had more probs with. That's not to say all and we probably dealt with the other breeds more commonly so had more contact with them

At one time it was rare to see Yorkies and other small breeds in rescue, now there are loads. I can remember a rescue saying that Yorkies should go to a breed rescue as nobody who didn't know the breed would get on with them. I wonder how people get experience of the different breeds if they are never given the chance, eventually homes for that breed will run out as fewer and fewer people will have experience of the breed.

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post 9th Apr 2017, 6:54 pm
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We have had a very terrier ish dog in.. we wanted a terrier home for her but she has also been assessed and the behaviourist though also the right first time owners may work for her if they listened to the advice.. they would have less expectations on how a dog was to behave and we have found some of our difficult dogs have done really well with younger first time owners

We understood rescues can't have all difficult dogs we know this from moving into more of a rehoming rescue .. have got am bull and cross thst no one is interested in but having a wide range of dogs does bring more people to us and raises the profile .. hopefully to the view of someone who does want an am bull type! But if you are in the breed surely could want to help where you could

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