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Owners' Survey

If you would like to take part in a fun survey of pet ownership by the charities Cats Protection and Dogs Trust you can download the survey as a Word document here: Pet Survey form.

Just save the form on your computer, put an X in or beside the survey boxes, and return it as an email attachment. Or print it out and return by post to the address on the form. Closing date is 13 June 2005. See details right. Thank you.


Urgently needed: cat and dog owners aged 55+ to take part in fun research!

Does your pet bring out your inner kitten or puppy side?

Leading UK cat and dog charities, Cats Protection and Dogs Trust, have joined forces to conduct some joint research amongst cat and dog owners aged 55 or over concerning our pets’ ability to keep us feeling young, happy and healthy!

But the research cut-off date of 13 June is fast approaching and both charities urgently need more respondents to complete the survey! Taking part in the research project is quick, easy and fun!

Find your survey form here Pet Survey form or...

For cat owners: to register your interest or for further information, please e-mail Emma Osborne emma.osborne@cats.org.uk or Kate Bunting kate.bunting@cats.org.uk by 13 June at the latest. Alternatively, a postal copy of the survey can be requested by calling 08707 708 634 or 08707 708 612.

For dog owners: to register your interest or for further information please email innerpuppy@dogstrust.org.uk or contact Jennifer Blaber on 020 7833 7650, by 13 June at the latest!

The information you provide will remain anonymous and, unless you indicate otherwise, there will be no further contact from either charity after we have received your completed questionnaire. The only criteria are that you are a cat or dog owner aged 55 or over, and live in the UK. The findings will be used by both organisations to promote the benefits of pet ownership amongst those aged 55 or over.

Cats and dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best friends. Sharing your life with a companion animal is very rewarding, and Dogs Trust and Cats Protection are joining together to show all the benefits we really do get out of owning a pet.


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