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Joe Inglis Sarah Fisher Anthony Head
Bev Cuddy Marc Abrahams Richard Curtis
The Dogpages Dogshow 2012   2 March to 16 March 2012
Judged by TV vet Joe Inglis, Sarah Fisher of TTouch, actor Anthony Head, Beverley Cuddy of 'Dogs Today' magazine, TV vet Marc Abraham, and top freestyle trainer Richard Curtis.
Rosettes and prizes for the winners.

Dogpages dog rescue listings Since Dogpages began 14 years ago, any number of commercial sites and businesses have sprung up seeking to profit from dog rescue. Dogpages remains a non-commercial site run on an entirely voluntary basis. You won't find any profit-making adverts here and users of our forums won't have their details collected and sold on for marketing purposes.

We hope you agree with us and support us in our belief that rescue dogs should not be seen as a marketing opportunity or a source of profit. And we hope you enjoy the difference.

Finding a rescue centre
'All-breed' dog-rescue centres and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland have been grouped by region (click map). 'Breed-rescues' are listed separately by breed type. Over 1000 contacts have been included so there's sure to be one near you.

While the larger charities are well known, there are many smaller rescue organisations, often operated on a very small budget but still doing a great job. Not all smaller organisations have internet sites but where details are known these have been included. The larger organisations, the Dogs Trust (formerly NCDL - National Canine Defence League), Battersea Dogs Home, the RSPCA and the Scottish SPCA, each have new web-sites and their centres are all listed here.

Smaller rescues

Smaller dog rescues are usually run by volunteers and many may not have dedicated kennels. All would like to hear from potential adopters but please contact them before visiting their listed address in case an appointment is necessary. The larger centres are usually open for most days of the week including weekends but check first.
Click map for dog rescue centres in your region

UK rescue centre and shelter guide
About the Dog Rescue Pages

Dogpages is the most popular dog rescue site in the UK with up to 37,000 visitors every day. It is entirely non-commercial and aims to encourage more people to consider adopting one of the many thousands of dogs waiting for new homes in rescue centres and shelters throughout the UK and Ireland.

Links to help more people find Dogpages are always very welcome. Details here.

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